Are You Asking the Right Cloud Compliance Questions?

cloud compliance questions

Cloud computing has become all the rage in virtually all fields that require the storage or manipulation of data. When you look for a cloud storage service, the compliance of the IT service provider is a question that needs to come up frequently. Such compliance ensures that the service will not only be trusted, but can also provide optimum service and ensure that your data will be safe as well. When assessing whether the cloud service is compliant or not, some of the cloud compliance questions you can ask include:

What Information and Data Do You Store?

The types of information stored by a cloud storage services can give you an inkling regarding their compliance. For instance, if a company mainly stores very sensitive information such as customer records for a bank, you can be assured that they take security seriously and do all they can to keep the data secure. Typically, such facilities end up spending a lot of money on security, which means that you are likely to be assured that your data will always be safe. In addition, asking about the kind of data they store will also give you an idea as to if they are ideal for you. If they store the type of data that you regularly deal with, chances are that they will work well for you.

What are the Access Protocols?

If you are shopping around for a cloud computing service, you want to be assured that it will be as safe as possible. One of the questions you can ask to assess the compliance levels in regard to this is how the access is granted. You should be given information about who has access to the information on the cloud, as well as controls that are there to prevent unauthorized access. A high-quality cloud computing service will do all it can to ensure that the customers’ data will be well preserved, so as to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands or is lost.

What is My and Your Role in The Protection of the Data and Information?

When it comes to protecting data in the cloud, both the client and the service provider have a role to play to ensure that it is safe. When assessing the compliance of the firm you have chosen to work with, this should be made clear to you. They should explain what role you play regarding this, so that you can then optimize it to reduce the risk of data loss. In addition to that, they should also explain their role, so that you can assess if they are sufficient enough. If you are not satisfied with the measures put in place for this, you can then simply find another service provider.

Where do You Physically Store My Data?

The physical location of the data is important, as it can affect its suitability. Depending on the type of company you run, you may want a server that is close by, or one that is further away. Either way, a cloud service provider should be able to provide physical storage facilities with redundancy, so that if the backup is lost then you can still access the data later.