Should Your Business Consider Data Center Modernization?

data center modernization

In-house data centers are often referred to as “mission critical” or” life blood” due to their sensitive nature and the role they play in an organization. The big question that most executives have to face at one point is whether to invest in data center outsourcing or modernize their data centers.

You may be thinking that data center modernization offers more long term benefits but this has a number of limitations since you need to consider factors like cash flow, cost and strategic factors. Here are some of the elements that need to be considered when your organization is looking into data center modernization.

Building A New Data Center

The older a data center is, the more the cost is required to maintain it. Some research shows that 74% of expenses used in IT departments go towards maintenance and operation costs of aging data centers while only 26% is dedicated to business innovation. This clearly means that a business is unable to grow at a healthy rate since less money is dedicated to innovation which is much needed to make a business grow. Companies with data centers which are older than 5 years should look into building new data centers to reduce these operating and maintenance costs. This move also allows stakeholders to have direct and full control of the data center operations.

Upgrade Of Core Systems

The IT industry is fast growing ad every other year new technology emerges with better performance than the last one. We live in a fast paced world where technology has enhanced communication and the speed which data is processed per minute. An organization that has not upgraded its core systems lags behind and has to use more cash and resources to catch up to the trending IT world which lowers a company’s efficiency. To modernize data centers, a company needs to upgrade its core systems to allow easy delivery through pre- assembled components. A company may need to upgrade cooling systems and scalable power. These upgrades will allow a business to grow through planning and investment.

Preventive Maintenance To Buy Time

For small businesses with limited resources, they can implement data center modernization by undertaking preventive maintenance practices. They need to ensure that they fully consolidate any underutilized assets and enhance airflow for a quick fix. All these measures are meant to buy time for the company while they come up with funding to improve on modernization.

Factors To Consider To Determine Your Company Is Ready For Data Center Modernization

  • A company needs to identify areas that would greatly profit from modernization of their data center and assess their current infrastructure to see if the investment is worth it.
  • Determine how to optimize storage, facilities infrastructure and storage.
  • Come up with an enterprise data center which will be open to external and internal sourcing to emphasize scalability and agility.
  • Make sure that data center modernization will not harm or slow down existing workloads of the business.
  • Ensure that the company has the resources to maintain the new upgrades in future as the data center ages.