Can Cloud Environments Be The Spur To Innovation For Media And Entertainment Companies?

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Today, a wide variety of devices are connected to the cloud. Operating via cloud environments allows you to lower the operating risk, as well as gain maximum agility and efficiency. For some organizations, they need to process big data. In this situation, they require a multi-cloud solution that can move massive data sets to and from cloud infrastructures securely and quickly.

Media and entertainment is one of those industries that has recognized the benefits and practicality of implementing cloud strategies. Their consumers often have an insatiable appetite for content. They are always hungry for content and want to be able to watch more of them via an array of connected devices from various locations. Since there are incredibly tight deadlines to meet, traditional mediums for delivering media content will not work.

Next, higher-quality content also leads to an exponential growth in file sizes. That’s not all, media and entertainment organizations need to access, edit, and deliver content in various bit rates, resolutions, and formats. This is called scale-out transcoding, which can be effectively addressed easily with an on-demand, multi-cloud environment. In this post, we will be featuring two different case studies to highlight the importance of multi-cloud environments.

Case A: Facilitating Global Live Streams in a Reliable Manner

Let’s say that Organization ABC produces thousands of live sporting events per year, e.g. NASCAR, NBA, etc. Their job is to deliver premium sports content to global media companies. Which platform should they be using to fulfill their promises to both vendors and consumers? In this case, they need a reliable, cloud-based streaming technology that is capable of delivering high-speed and high-quality video, live streams, and data.

Case B: Digitalizing Broadcast Operations

Next, Organization XYZ is an established media company. As part of their expansion plan, they now need to manage hundreds of video file workflows from end-to-end operations, including distribution and transcoding across on-premise and cloud systems. What do they need to facilitate a digital transformation for their existing broadcast operations? They need a platform that allows them to deliver timely entertainment content and news to their audience – how and when they want it. In addition, that platform should provide a control point, a centralized view, workflow orchestration, and the ability to move digital assets reliably and quickly for their users.

So, Are Cloud Environments the Key to Continued Innovation?

The answer is YES.

You can expect more waves of disruptive high-speed data storage, streaming, collaboration, exchange, and transfer solutions to pop up. There will be solutions for companies of every industry and of all sizes. These solutions will also allow media and entertainment companies to move data between cloud platforms and on-premise sites, i.e. enhancing delivering efficiency for the industry.

Nowadays, some companies need to migrate petabytes after petabytes of data in a short duration. Without a reliable environment to work from, business innovation and growth will be impossible. Again, innovation is important to even the most established media and entertainment players. Without the availability of cloud computing, they cannot remotely capture broadcast-quality video and edit it live.

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