What Can Proactive Monitoring Do For Your Business?

proactive monitoring

In the past, it is a norm for some IT service providers to operate on a model that bills their customers on an hourly basis. For companies that continue operating via this model, they are unable to monitor their client’s networks proactively. That’s why you are better off opting for proactive monitoring from the get-go. Seeking an IT expert that specializes in proactive monitoring will improve your overall productivity and even save you money when supporting and maintaining your IT needs. Let’s find out what this form of IT monitoring can do for your business.

Basic Overview of a Proactive Monitoring Plan

Here’s quick look at what a proactive monitoring plan can do:

  • Web-based reporting
  • Remote support
  • Real-time inventory collection
  • Application services monitoring
  • System bottlenecks monitoring
  • Hacking or spam relay attempts monitoring
  • Server event log monitoring
  • … and more!

Help You Save More Money

For small businesses, relying on hourly-based, reactive support can lead to both unstable and expensive results. For instance, the small business customer and IT service provider may experience very busy months, which are often off-set by quiet periods. Things may seem to be working nicely for a change but sooner or later, a crisis situation may occur, and that’s when a costly invoice is being billed to the customer. This is a tough pill for the customer to swallow, considering whatever downtime they have just experienced.

With that in mind, proactive monitoring solutions can be delivered at a similar cost to hourly-based, reactive support. Just average out the cost of this form of long term support and you will find that the average monthly costs become somewhat reasonable for both the customer and their IT consulting firm.

Improve the Reliability of Your Business Network

It is imperative that one identifies and resolves small IT problems early. This prevents the problems from developing into larger ones, which may be expensive to fix. When you work with an IT service provider, you will be kept up to date about the status of your network and whether it is vulnerable to cyber threats. For instance, you will be informed promptly if you are running resources that are causing latency issues within your network. This ensures the processes you are running can be kept under control with greater ease.

Improves Business Productivity

A majority of IT issues tend to display warning signs before becoming critical issues. Just check the event logs of one of your unmonitored servers. There is a high chance that you will see a number of red marks indicating that the issue warrants some level of attention. For instance, it may be unmonitored backup system that’s encountering backup failures, an outdated antivirus system, or a complete failure of a hard drive in a drive array.

Any one of the examples above, if left unchecked, could easily develop into a crisis situation that leads to unrecoverable losses to the finances and productivity of your company. That’s where proactive IT monitoring comes in. It gives you the ability to prevent these unexpected emergencies.