Cloud IaaS Tips For Better Resource Utilization & Cost Management

Cloud IaaS tips

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one type of cloud computing services that provide computing resources over the Internet, in a virtualized format. Its siblings include Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). In an Infrastructure as a Service model, a third-party provider is in charge of hosting the storage, servers, software, hardware, and more, on behalf of its user – you.

These providers will also host your applications and handle tasks such as resiliency and backup planning, and system maintenance. All in all, cloud IaaS platforms offer extremely scalable resources that can be adjusted on an on-demand basis. If you need to handle workloads that can change unexpectedly, are experimental, or are temporary, IaaS will ideally suit your needs.

Do you want to learn how to manage your costs and utilize your resources more effectively when working with cloud IaaS? Look no further than ANEXIO. Here are some useful tips to put you on the right track!

Automate Any Processes Associated with Billing

To achieve 100% customer satisfaction regarding billing matters, many cloud IaaS providers allow their clients to set up budgets for their cloud costs as well as maximums that trigger alerts when one’s usage gets close to reaching them. But nothing beats keeping an eye on your own bill daily. It is recommended that you set up daily email notifications that detail the costs for that day. Make sure the information describes the resources used and what kind of activities need those resources. Not only does this helps you to monitor your costs, it also allows you to manage the usage of those resources in a proactive manner.

Become Familiar with Command-Line Interfaces

You may be familiar with the GUIs that most public IaaS providers offer, but do not forget about the command-line interfaces or CLIs that they offer as well. When you use a command-line interface, you gain the ability to launch scripts for shutting down resources down or provisioning a group of resources with greater ease. Many have said that once you go CLI, you rarely go back to GUI.

At the beginning, it does take a little work to memorize the necessary commands to use a CLI properly. But the effort is well worth it! You will find that you are much more productive once you have got those commands mastered. You no longer have to spend time to navigate page after page in a GUI to locate what you need.

Make Sure Your Console is Personalized to Your Needs

Each cloud IaaS provider provides a basic console that features a variety of controls. For example, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services come with consoles that provide a master control view of the various resources that reside on their clouds. With such a console, you will be able to keep track of what is available and what you have already or recently provisioned. One important task is for you to customize these views so that you can be more productive while using them. For instance, you can configure your console via a drag and drop functionality (if available) to arrange often-accessed services at the top.