Colocation Is The Way To Go For Expanding Businesses


Today, data centers are considered to be a necessity for most organizations. However, not every business owner is keen on the idea of managing themselves. For some, setting up and operating an in-house data center do not align with their core business. If you are one of them, you should definitely consider leveraging colocation services from a reputable data center solutions provider. This decision provides a wide range of benefits and it has been something that was trending in recent years. Let’s find out why colocation is the way to go, especially when you are expanding your business.

Increases Security and Aid Disaster Recovery

For starters, colocation data center providers provide all-round security, which is active 24/7/365. Modern commercial colocation centers often feature CCTV camera systems, biometric security technology, mantrap doors, restricted access badge access lists, perimeter fences, and even armed guards. That’s why you can rest assured that these are extremely secure facilities. Now, we have only mentioned the physical things that are secure. For the network side, a wide range of providers do offer firewall, intrusion prevention, and intrusion detection services to mitigate cyber attacks and data breaches.

In this age, do you really want to risk allowing your in-house data center facility being destroyed by natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.? The smarter and more cost-effective way to go about things is to colocate servers for disaster recovery replication and tap onto disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solutions. Simply put, you can’t just stick with one data center.

Maintains Compliance

When it comes to data planning, compliance is definitely the centerpiece that can’t be ignored. Organizations, specifically from the healthcare and financial sectors, find it difficult and expensive to maintain in-house data centers that are compliant. Today, a majority of colocation facilities enable these organizations to maintain compliance with ever-changing industry standards and federal regulations with greater ease.

The said option is becoming more popular as many facilities adhere to the specific technical, physical, and administrative safeguards implemented by the HITECH Act and are fully HIPAA compliant. That’s why you won’t have trouble finding providers that are apt in the areas of PCI- and HIPAA-compliant disaster recovery.

Provides 24/7 Support

From cabling of systems, physical reboots to hard drive replacements, most colocation providers are always on-hand to provide general smart hands services. When you use their services, you are entitled to support teams that work round the clock to maintain your systems. You can have a remote team that monitors, maintains, and manages your OS and application layers via fully managed support services while you sleep or concentrate on core business matters. This lessens your IT burdens and you no longer need to worry about things like patch management and other support functions.

Offers Exceptional Scalability and 100% Uptime

Need to add one or 100 racks? No problem. Colocation facilities allow you to quickly scale up your setup based on your company’s growth. Compared to the costs of expanding an in-house data center, expanding your colocation setup is much cheaper and less time consuming. What’s more, these commercial centers have near 100% uptime due to the redundancies that are in place. Even when maintenance is being performed, you won’t be taken offline. If your business is data-intensive, trust us, you will need to have HVAC systems, emergency backup generators, uninterruptible power supply, and a fully fault-tolerant network in place.