Data Center Solutions

ANEXIO offers on-demand data center solutions. We’ve got a customizable solution to meet your needs. And because we provide network, hosting, cloud, storage, disaster recovery and professional services, you have virtually unlimited resources at your fingertips to support your environment.


Our colocation centers are strategically placed and state-of-the-art. Period. Full stop. Sign with ANEXIO and you receive custom cage space, custom cabinets, custom power and custom networking. Each of our centers has the latest certifications, security features and emergency backup protocols to keep your data flowing.

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ANEXIO’s network is powered by our new state-of-the-art IP backbone. It was purpose built from the ground up with your data in mind. Our engineers have designed a self-healing, highly secure and extremely fast network with direct connections to more network providers than ever before. Your data will travel on the fastest and least congested path possible.

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Hybrid Cloud

We view the Cloud as a decision, not a place. When you decide you’re ready, the ANEXIO Hybrid Cloud lets you maintain your current infrastructure while you access as many of our Cloud services as you want. This enables you to scale with confidence. ANEXIO’s Hybrid Cloud gives you the capacity, disaster recovery and storage that you want, when you want.

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In 1992, the world created 100 gigabytes of data every day. By 2018, the world will create 50,000 gigabytes of data every second. Lack of scalable storage hurts your business and limits your upside growth and backup capabilities. ANEXIO’s economy of scale can provide you with terabytes of flexible Storage-as-a-Service.

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Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

ANEXIO provides a custom disaster recovery plan based on your specific business needs. We combine planning, prevention and protection into a solution that aligns with your infrastructure and meets your continuity objectives.

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