How Data And Infrastructure Are Expected To Grow In 2018

data and infrastructure

Data and infrastructure has significantly changed the way organizations work and operate today. Through the years, an increasing number of developments have been introduced along this line, and on an annual basis. You should expect more data and infrastructure changes to come. For 2018, here is how you can expect data and infrastructure to grow.

Hadoop’s Enterprise Solutions

Launched in 2007, Hadoop has slowly grown into an acceptable data management solution for a lot of enterprises over its 10-year run. In 2018, it is expected to grow even further by eliminating those pricey data management solutions. It has to be noted, however, that some of these solutions have lost its popularity through the years. Nonetheless, the Hadoop Distributed File System is here to stay.

Intercloud Data Movement

Cloud services have transformed over the years from an unclear IT solution to an acceptable norm in the world of businesses. It has made things easier for enterprises wanting to build new applications that will help them collect large volumes of data. It has to be noted though that the movement of data can be very expensive, especially when exporting them from a large cloud provider. In 2018, the intercloud data movement will become more popular because its goal is to eliminate or at least minimize costly data movement from one cloud or infrastructure to another.

Introduction of the 5G Wireless Technology

Edge computing is the answer to the loss suffered by telecommunications companies to the cloud computing race. They will choose this infrastructure as the best way to reclaim their glory. The bigger telcos promise a one-stop shop that will help large enterprises manage IoT devices. With this in mind, the next generation 5G wireless technology will be delivered. The combination of this technology with edge computing will definitely be the driving force that enterprises should watch out for in the coming year.

Use of Pervasive AWS tools

In the world of enterprises, there is a belief that others will come after you, only if you are an important business. In order for any enterprise to survive in this challenging world, you should implement a survival strategy like the use of pervasive AWS tools.

These tools will help extend the lifespan of enterprises as these will help them stay steady on the path where they can cope with rapid innovation. Pervasive AWS tools will work well with a range of solutions that will provide businesses with the degree of independence they are aspiring for. This is where multi-cloud approaches will come in. Likewise, solutions relating to ownership of data will become a growing trend in the coming years.

Launch of Real-Time Apps

We are currently living in a real-time world where patience is no longer a virtue since everyone wants to seek instant gratification. In order to set your business apart, you have to cope with the fast pace so you will be able to communicate with your suppliers, partners, and customers in real-time. New data and infrastructure will soon rely on how fast a human time channel will be able to meet the demands of every stakeholder for a business.

Larger industries consuming information technology will take the lead when it comes to using these technologies. Financing institutions, for instance, will need real-time dashboards while the public sector will have to invest in new data solutions in order to keep up with the demands of these ever-changing times.