Is There An Easier Way To Manage Or Prevent Insider Threat?

insider threat

Known cases of insider threat have increased through the years. While external cyber threats are now commonplace, it cannot be denied that there are certain situations that still track back to employees of the enterprise. Employees may become unaware or negligent of what they are doing, thus putting the companies they are working for at risk. Negligence can include accidentally emailing customer data to a third party or even clicking on a phishing link. How can insider threat be managed or prevented? Here are tips to keep in mind.

A Combination of Education and Technology

Negligent insider threats are the hardest to identify even when it is a known fact that most employees have no malicious intent whatsoever, when it comes to these situations. The sad thing is that these situations change from time to time and data risks change as well. In order to circumvent this, the first measure to take is to combine education and technology into a solution. Many businesses are already educating their new hires via security training programs. Also, do use tech solutions that can identify possible data leaks so that threats due to negligence can be eliminated before they cause a disaster for the business.

Solid Asset Management Solution

There are many managed IT solutions which industries can make use of in order to prevent insider threat at the very least. These solutions provide the capability for companies to immediately provide an answer whenever a device is lost or stolen. Remember that the same stolen or lost device can contain data integral to your company’s operations. If you have an immediate solution then the possibilities of hackers capitalizing on these data can be prevented.

Together with this, you will need a backup solution. This is where you will need to choose strong security layers in order to minimize access to a computer or any other device and all the data that they contain. You will need either full disk encryption or VPN. Anti-virus and malware prevention programs should also be in place.

A Better Control and Visibility over Data

It is very important for any enterprise to watch out for the movement of customer data as well as critically important internal files. These data move within and outside the work environment. While you are keen to implement network monitoring, there is a chance you might have forgotten about control and visibility over these pieces of information. You can manage insider threats by putting more attention to this control procedure.

Address Physical Security

It is crucial to enhance the physical security of your employee devices as these contain very ‘fragile’ corporate data. Also, you should be able to check whether there are certain tools and applications which are not approved for use by your IT team but are being used in these devices. These apps and tools can be blocked but you must have a plan to make sure that they will not compromise sensitive corporate data.

Threats may not always be malicious in nature but they can pose risks that become very serious for your company. You must be able to understand the process by which data can be possibly stolen. Likewise, you must be familiar as to how these threats can manifest themselves. To get started, why not explore the managed IT solutions provided by ANEXIO that can help to tackle insider threats?