Emerging Cloud Technologies That Should Be On Your Radar

emerging cloud technologies

These days, enterprises are paying a lot of attention to cloud technologies, especially if there is a need to manage their workloads in the cloud. Many enterprises manage at least more than 10,000 resources, which is only 20 percent of their total workload. If your business relies heavily on cloud services, you do not want to be left behind when it comes to managing the public cloud. Let us have a look at the three new types of cloud offerings that have emerged to help revolutionize the enterprise industry.

Proactive Cloud Security

With the rise of cyber threats, enterprises have not been able to completely trust the use of cloud solutions due to the risks of breach attempts and threats. Proactive cloud security enables security systems to dynamically react to security breaches using automated approaches. Public cloud providers know how important this type of cloud technology is as it helps ensure that enterprises stay a step ahead of threats and cybercrimes.

The main objective of providing cloud security is to allow enterprises to gain the confidence to safely store their data and workloads in the cloud rather than have them sit in the data centers. There have been cases of breaches at several government agencies which clearly show that having workloads on premises cannot protect you from cyber criminals.

Smart Cloud Management

The existing set of cloud management tools, while already good, can definitely be improved. Smart cloud management is all about automated and dynamic responses to tasks that are related to management. You can trust smart cloud management technology to fill the gap of anything that falls out of the SLA ranges, such as cost and billing management, resource management and cloud performance management. An enterprise can only be as successful as their management. To ensure that a business runs smoothly, they need to use this type of cloud technology to improve their performance.

Policy-Based Cloud Resource Governance

It is time that enterprises realize the need to manage their workloads in the cloud. It is unfortunate that enterprises fear losing local control and for this reason, they have a hard time moving to a cloud-based platform and stick to using legacy IT systems. Policy-based cloud resources give enterprises the ability to place governance rules in areas such as APIs, security, compute and storage.

Cloud governance allows enterprises to partner with cloud providers to come up with proactive and automated security solutions to deal with upcoming threats and breaches. Not so many enterprises are willing to lose control over their cloud management but, policy-based cloud resource governance ensures that enterprises are always protected from new threats.

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