Employing Lean Manufacturing Practices To Information Risk Management

lean manufacturing practices

Lean manufacturing plays an important role in a lot of industries, due to factors such as cost reduction, reduced cycle time, product and service improvement, and customer satisfaction. The question is: Is it possible to employ lean manufacturing practices when it comes to information risk management? Well, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

Incorrect Products or Processes

Information security defects include a host of things such as failure to patch vulnerability, identify an attack, or allow a safe yet unfamiliar activity within the enterprise. Basically, doing some tests will not actually improve the quality and remove the defect. It can only do as much by revealing the quality of the product that has been built or manufactured. It is important to employ clear and simple requirements from which tests can be designed in order to validate if the product does meet the requirements.

Inventory Waste

Inventory waste in the world of information technology can refer to several instances where IT environmental waste is created. Included in the list of IT waste are not being able to clear information once they have been sent for processing or archiving, forgetting to spin down any unused virtual machines, and holding on to unneeded data. It is important to not accumulate any inventory that you do not really need.

Over Processing

In the world of software development, it is possible for coders to incorporate features in the program or software without the end users actually requiring them to do so. It has to be understood that the more codes there are, the more bugs there can be in the process. When tools are over processed, they tend to slow down and even affect the effectiveness of the program.

Overproduction Problems

Overproduction is a waste problem such that it is that part of the process where your enterprise builds more than what is required, or sooner than when the customer needs them. Using an information security program will require simplicity in order to solve this problem. Lean manufacturing processes will be an effective and a less-burdensome solution.

Transportation or Moving Components Around

An information risk management program is an IT solution where data is required to be passed across multiple steps. If the architecture is sloppy or weak, problems may arise. Risks such as complexity of the program, and network delay may happen. This can bring difficulty to moving components around and will definitely result in wastage. Lean manufacturing can help solve this issue and reduce what has been wasted during transportation.

Waiting to Complete Processes

Lean manufacturing can likewise change the picture when it comes to waiting to complete processes within the industry. It plays a crucial role in eliminating the time spent between cloud and local workstations as well as in lessening the time with which personnel waits in order to complete the process.

All these issues arise from a very complex manufacturing process. Employing lean manufacturing practices to information risk management will help avoid wastes while also minimizing errors, thus maximizing value to the organization. At ANEXIO, we can help you select tools that are right for your business while helping get rid of these issues that are common to most enterprises.