Excellent Network Infrastructure Design Can Benefit Your Business Today

network infrastructure design benefit business

As a business owner, profitability may be one of those things that is constantly on your mind. The question is: are you willing to embrace the ever-changing methods that make your business more profitable? With the rise of IoT, the longevity of your company depends on having a solid network infrastructure design and procedures to properly implement it.

What is a Network Infrastructure?

Network infrastructures refer to an interconnected group of computer systems. These systems are linked via various parts of telecommunication architecture to enable network connectivity. The infrastructure also provides an uninterrupted communication path between many services, applications, processes, users, and external networks, e.g. the Internet. Next, most enterprise IT environments have a network infrastructure. It is usually part of their IT infrastructure. The primary components of a network infrastructure include:

  • Networking hardware: Cables, wireless routers, LAN cards, switches, routers, and more.
  • Networking software: Network security applications, firewalls, operating systems, network management, network operations, and more.
  • Network services: IP addressing, wireless protocols, satellite, DSL, T-1 Line, and more.

Why does everything need to be perfect? You should keep in mind that a business cannot achieve and maintain smooth operation if a faulty connection occurs in their office intranets, i.e. within the closed network infrastructure. The switches and routers are components that affiliate the flow of traffic and determine what level of access each computer has, to connect to a network. If you own and manage your own data center, a weak networking design can cause frequent downtimes.

What role do routers play? When individual computers receive and send data, routers are designed to ensure that the data reaches their intended destinations.

What are the Advantages of Having a Properly Designed Network Infrastructure?

Great network infrastructure designs unlock scalability. This means that you can support the growth of your business without having to redesign your network or overhaul the infrastructure. Another advantage you can enjoy is cost-effectiveness. The costs of running your network will be consistent and you will experience fewer network disruptions that may affect your bottom line.

How ANEXIO Can Help

When ANEXIO designs network infrastructures for our clients, we are committed to using the most reliable and innovative network designs to support our clients’ data. We strive to design and build the best possible network infrastructure designs that offer redundancy and maximum flexibility. When you choose ANEXIO, you can expect your cloud infrastructure to feature next generation protocols. Here is a quick look at our networking capabilities:

  • LAN Design & Management

Networking experts from ANEXIO make managing, implementing, and designing network infrastructures easy.

  • Direct Connect

ANEXIO can help you establish direct physical connection to IBM, HP, Google, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

  • MPLS

ANEXIO specializes in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Our MPLS Optimized transport solutions can help you achieve high-performance telecommunications networks.

  • Metro and Long-haul Ethernet

ANEXIO provides Q-in-Q support, provides Layer 2 services for standard fixed rate ethernet circuits, and provides dedicated Layer 2 transport services.

  • Dedicated Internet Access

ANEXIO ensures redundancy via BGP, HSRP or VRRP. We also help you establish dedicated Internet access in the forms of 10/40/100 GB Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fast Ethernet.