Hybrid Cloud Solutions Can Help Eliminate Wasted Spend

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Today, cloud-based solutions continue to evolve. Some of them are steadily replacing traditional on-premises IT systems and reducing workloads for businesses. Concerns about waste and cost, however, have emerged as a result of those changes. As more enterprises are now running multi-cloud strategies, they are pressured to achieve optimal performance while keeping cost-effectiveness in their sights. With that in mind, a viable way to achieve these business goals is to use hybrid cloud solutions. They are a mixture of private and public on-premises systems and cloud environments in data centers.

A Wasteful Situation

During the cloud computing craze, many companies moved to the cloud in order to reduce capital expenditures. By taking portions of their infrastructure off-site, they were able to reduce various costs pertaining to cooling, power, outages, and equipment upkeep. As the cloud trend evolved, organizations realized that they had to keep some of their systems on premises and not move everything to the cloud. This created today’s hybrid cloud environments and they had their own complexities.

You see, one requires multiple network connections if he or she distributes their IT architecture among public and private environments and across multiple data centers. This decision may slow down performance and make things more complex. In addition, connection and latency issues may start to surface. All of these translate to increased and often unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, many cloud services subscriptions are procured by informal functional groups or individually with issued corporate credit cards. As the costs do not factor into official budgets, it is likely that operational inefficiencies and cost will compound.

In order to maximize one’s hybrid cloud solutions without increasing wasted spend, it is highly recommended that one takes a closer look at his or her data center provider.

Optimize for More Control

For starters, one should consider running his or her enterprise IT architecture in the same data center as the cloud provider. This allows the individual to leverage direct connections and enjoy greater cost savings. In addition to the removal of ancillary connections and making things cheaper, direct cloud connections also lower latency, as well as increase reliability and security.

It is important to note that only a select number of data centers offer native connections that are in line with top cloud providers. Hence, you need to ask how these providers deliver, deploy, and support the native connectivity they have been advertising. To keep things simple; look for data centers that can host, manage, and scale their clients’ private cloud deployment and manage the infrastructure in-house. This will definitely help offset the initial cost of hybrid setup, as well as remove unnecessary processes and fees.

ANEXIO Can Support Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

At ANEXIO, we provide a rich data center partner ecosystem for our clients. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that your hybrid cloud environment will be supported within the data center. In addition, we offer 100% uptime SLAs and direct connections to top cloud providers such as Microsoft. Our team is trained to assist our clients in the areas of cloud management, orchestration, migration, assessment, and more.