IT & Data Center Services For Content Delivery Systems

Are you a company providing managed content delivery solutions to your clients? As you help your customers deliver content at lightning speeds, keep in mind that global Internet traffic is expected to skyrocket. This means that your servers and your network must have the capacity to scale and keep pace with accelerating customer demand.  ANEXIO is here to help. We provide end-to-end content delivery solutions including data center, networking and Managed IT services that allow you to scale and satisfy service level agreements with ease.

Scalable Data Center Solutions For Content Delivery Systems

Our data centers are designed to meet stringent compliance requirements across a wide range of industries, including the content delivery providers industry. ANEXIO operates our facilities in accordance with the industry’s best practices to provide security and scalability when it comes to addressing your data center needs.

Managed IT Solutions for Content Delivery Providers

  • IT Consulting
  • Managed Network
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Backup and Recovery
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Proactive Mediation
  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Our managed IT services for content delivery providers offer global uptime SLAs and exceptional operational reliability. And, the best-in-class carrier grade ANEXIO LightSpeed network is powered by the combination of the company’s DWDM backbone, MPLS technology and LISP (Location Identifier Separation Protocol) routing and addressing architecture to create a self-healing, highly secure, low latency and extremely fast network. Whether you need consulting services to upgrade your IT infrastructure or need an expert team to monitor your network, ANEXIO can provide the most efficient solutions to support your core IT objectives.

Cloud Solutions for Content Delivery Providers

  • Cyber Threat Protection
  • Email Protection and Continuity
  • Office 365 Migration and Support
  • Private Server Hosting
  • Backup and Continuity
  • Cloud Managed Wi-Fi
  • Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, PCI)

From private server hosting to cyber threat protection to backup and continuity, ANEXIO can bring the best array of cloud solutions to your fingertips. We also have the expertise to tailor our private cloud solutions to each content delivery provider’s needs – that means you never have to worry about cookie-cutter solutions or under-utilized technology.

Managed Voice Solutions for Content Delivery Providers

  • Wired and Wireless Handsets
  • Call Center Features
  • Desktop and Smartphone Integration
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Telecom Analytics
  • Security and Backup

ANEXIO also offers enterprise-grade phone systems that leverage the latest IT technology to connect your business without you dealing with the high costs of legacy systems. You will be able to connect your office to multiple sites as well as support traveling staff in a simple but secure manner. We can help enable faster voice connectivity with lower latency with our all-in-one VoIP Communication Platform.

Choose ANEXIO for Desktop to Data Center Solutions

Connecting media assets to content delivery providers and scaling their IT infrastructure is part of ANEXIO’s core expertise. Our company was established in 1996, and we have grown into an industry-leading brand with eight Tier III SOC-2 certified data centers, a nationwide IP network, and an IT solutions center. Since our inception, we have been working arduously to deliver the best solutions that help address the IT challenges that content delivery providers face on a day-to-day basis.

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