IT & Data Center Services For Higher Education

The education industry has many technology challenges to tackle these days. From campus networking to web-based learning to secure data storage, education organizations need to work with a provider that offers integrated IT, networking and data center solutions to address their performance requirements. This is where ANEXIO comes in.

Scalable Data Center Solutions For The Higher Education Industry

Before selecting a data center partner, you need to look at their track record and reputation in delivering best-in class data center infrastructure. They need to be compliant, flexible, secure and scalable to meet your on-demand data center requirements. ANEXIO has what it takes to customize effective data center solutions that are suited for higher learning institutions.

Managed IT Solutions for Education Industry

  • IT Consulting
  • Managed Network
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Backup and Recovery
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Proactive Mediation
  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation

At ANEXIO, we have end-to end managed IT solutions that can optimize your network, mission critical infrastructure and applications while making sure that learning continuity is never compromised. We offer fixed rate support so that your higher learning organization can stay current within the limits of your budget. Our team is passionate about solving complex IT challenges to help educators tackle digital transformation initiatives effectively.

Cloud Solutions for Education Industry

  • Cyber Threat Protection
  • Email Protection and Continuity
  • Office 365 Migration and Support
  • Private Server Hosting
  • Backup and Continuity
  • Cloud Managed Wi-Fi
  • Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, PCI)

Higher learning organizations can greatly benefit from unified systems where educators can collaborate effectively, and students can create, edit and share online learning materials within the educational ecosystem. With our stellar hybrid cloud solutions, ANEXIO ensures that your education institution can make the most of your cloud potential.

Managed Voice Solutions for Education Industry

  • Wired and Wireless Handsets
  • Call Center Features
  • Desktop and Smartphone Integration
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Telecom Analytics
  • Security and Backup

The All-in-One VoIP Communication Platform offered by ANEXIO allows your higher learning institution to achieve clear communications across the organization, whether you have a single site or multiple campus locations. Your higher learning organization can enjoy communication at its best from using features such as smartphone and desktop integration as well as integrated security and backup.

Choose ANEXIO for Desktop to Data Center Solutions

ANEXIO looks forward to working with you to fulfill your data center and IT needs. When it comes to digital transformation, we understand the pain points of the education industry. With eight Tier III SOC-2 certified data centers, an IT solutions center and a nationwide IP network, we can deliver the best solutions to help your school outperform the competition.

Contact us and find out what we can do for your education organization today.

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