It’s Time For Your Business To Get A Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Solution

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Solution

In the world of IT solutions, the acceptance and popularity of cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions are steadily growing. In 2021, these cloud managed solutions are expected to make up nearly 40 percent of the overall global wireless LAN market. If you own or manage a company that supports geographically dispersed employees or users, across an array of disparate job sites, you will find that a cloud managed Wi-Fi solution is an attractive option. It enables ease of management and increases visibility, which are beneficial if you do not have dedicated IT staff.

Wi-Fi Has Become a Necessity

Today, Wi-Fi has moved beyond the realm of luxury extras. It has become an essential part of a wide range of industries, e.g. the hospitality industry. Whether you are managing an apartment block, large venue, hotel, or any other business that possesses a customer-service element, having an integrated Wi-Fi solution in place can boost sales of key products, generate advanced analytics, drive loyalty, and produce immense goodwill from your clientele. Simply put, Wi-Fi is vital to your success!

At ANEXIO, we offer cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions to a wide range of businesses. Here is a quick look at the benefits our clients and you can enjoy:

Proactive Cyber Threats Protection

Today, you cannot afford to downplay the importance of cyber security. Exactis, Under Armour, MyHeritage, Facebook, Panera, Sacramento Bee, etc. What do these major corporations have in common? They were victims of some of the biggest data breaches in recent times. That is why it is so important to ensure that your Wi-Fi solution is protected with the latest security protocols, patched to eliminate potential vulnerabilities, and more.

With the assistance of an experienced managed IT team, these tasks can be taken care of efficiently and quietly. You will be able to provide a sense of reassurance for every user and customer on your end.

24/7/365 Support

In other words, proactive monitoring! You should understand that nothing under the sun is perfect. That is why your Wi-Fi network requires round-the-clock monitoring and assistance. At ANEXIO, we understand how important high-speed and fully functional Wi-Fi connectivity is for the success of modern businesses. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that every task listed in our pre-agreed service level agreements will be taken care of.

Hassle-Free Configuration

After your Wi-Fi solution has been successfully installed, you will receive a pre-configured router that is cloud managed! You will be able to access it at any time and from anywhere. Your employees, customers, and members of our IT support team will be able to manage every aspect of the Wi-Fi experience. Network performance updates can also be acquired with exceptional ease.

A Tailored Solution

When it comes to Wi-Fi implementation, coverage is a major issue to tackle. Spotty Wi-Fi coverage and latency issues are a recipe for disaster, i.e. disgruntled customers. When you work with a highly skilled cloud managed Wi-Fi team, all of your core requirements will be taken into account. Additionally, careful analysis will be performed prior to installation. For example, facilitating wireless surveys, checking for potential demand hotspots, testing wall densities, and more. This is the perfect formula for consistent results day after day.

Getting Professional Help

Updating, maintaining, or establishing an effective Wi-Fi network is not something that can be achieved half-heartedly. It requires significant commitment and expertise. ANEXIO understands that not every business has that expertise on hand. That’s where our cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions come in. Contact us today and discover how you can integrate amazing Wi-Fi solutions into your business!