How to Keep Your Server Room In A Tip-Top Condition

server room

Server rooms come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing that is common to them is that they are critical aspects of any IT system. In addition, they are typically found in a wide array of settings including in businesses, in research facilities, in an individuals’ homes and more. Keeping the server rooms in good condition is mandatory if the hardware is to work as expected, and also to keep it long lasting. There are several things that can be done to keep any server room in tip top condition, including:

Keep the Server Room Dust-Free

The presence of dust in a server room can cause a number of problems. Dust does not only make the room look untidy as it can also permeate into the hardware and cause it to malfunction. For example, it can affect hardware devices or racks which are sensitive, especially those that had their protective outer casing removed for maintenance or checks.

Dust can also accumulate in hardware vents, which means that heat cannot be dissipated from the devices efficiently. This could lead to overheating and hardware damage. Depending on the degree of the problem, the server room should be dusted every day using gas canisters or electric dusters. The latter are more suited to the job since they are powerful, effective and can work on large areas. If points of dust entry are noted, one can also attempt to seal them if possible.

Practice Sound Cable Management

Poor wire management does not only make tracing the correct cable difficult but, can lead to server hardware malfunction as well. Simple cable management tips include using colored labels to identify each cable, avoid grouping network and power cables together (can cause electromagnetic interference), and using cables of the appropriate length. Using cables that are far too long is wasteful, and increases the chances of tangling. Cables of the same type can be bundled together by tying them using cable ties for further neatness.

Opt for a Professional Cleaning Service

You need to have a proper clean-up plan in place. Anything that involves water is considered risky as water should not come into contact with the electronics. In fact, it is best to avoid reckless usage of water. You might want to consider engaging the assistance of a professional cleaning service that has both the skills and experience to actualize your cleaning plans. Speaking of water, you must be mindful of where you place your electronic gear, i.e., you would not want to install them under air conditioning units as they can drip water.

Spacing the Equipment

During placement of the hardware such as racks, ensure that they are installed with reasonable distance between each other. This makes it easier for air to dissipate from each of them when running. It also reduces the risk of accidental damage, i.e., walking into a rack in a cramped server room and causing it to fall. In fact, rack manufacturers tend to provide technical information regarding the distances at which the racks should be installed, and you can use this as a guide during installation.

Of course, there are ways to save more time and potential moolah when it comes to maintaining one’s server room. For example, you can consider engaging IT firms that provide data center solutions.