Managed IT Versus In-House IT

Managed IT Versus In-House IT

Why do businesses require IT support? Whether you manage a small or big company, the right IT services can help your business stay competitive. Additionally, keeping abreast with the latest tend trends will be easy. The main benefits of IT support and services include enhanced customer support, strengthen online marketing strategy, secure business information, proactive monitoring, protect business against viruses and cyber threats, solving complex IT issues on the go, and many more. So, which type of IT support do you need?

Today, you can hire a managed IT team or hire your own IT support employees. Although both options have their advantages and disadvantages, there is still one option that comes out on top, especially for growing companies that want to stay ahead of the curve.

Option A: Hiring a Managed IT Team

A wide variety of modern companies prefer to get IT support from a third-party source. This is a popular option because it typically delivers reliable and high-quality IT services at a lower cost. Oftentimes, partnering with a managed service provider yields more benefits than hiring an in-house IT expert.


  • Electronic issue-tracking systems (includes efficient resolution, reporting, and monitoring).
  • The ability to stay competitive (gaining shared access to modern hardware, software, and other ground-breaking technologies).
  • Legally binding service-level agreements (SLA) that guarantee quality of service and uptime.
  • 24/7/365 IT support for your organization
  • Flexible service plans and payment options (makes it easier to budget around).
  • Leverage the expertise of industry experts and IT specialists at a lower cost.


  • On-site availability may be limited.
  • Service delivery options are diverse (may seem confusing or complex during the start).
  • It takes time and effort to find an appropriate MSP for your organization.

Option B: Forming an In-House IT Team

Next, it is not uncommon for big companies to hire a new employee to handle day-to-day IT tasks for them. However, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may not have the budget to form a dedicated IT support team. Instead, they may choose an existing employee who has displayed average IT skills on the side, i.e. a person who can handle a bit of everything. For example, helpdesk support or networking. Is this a good idea? No. That person is far from a master in the field.


  • You can get immediate support.
  • That person possesses a deep internal knowledge of your company and its IT infrastructure needs.


  • Pay overtime charges for after-hour emergencies.
  • May have limited knowledge or experience of IT best practices.
  • The employee may resign whenever they want (finding a replacement requires time, effort, and money).
  • Higher personnel costs (e.g. taxes, training, office supplies, employee benefits, raises, etc.).

Which Option Should You Choose?

It is proven that technology solutions can help SMB decision makers run their businesses better and achieve positive business outcomes. Managed IT services can meet the needs of most modern and fast-growing organizations. If you already have an in-house IT department, you do not need to completely replace it. Combining your in-house team’s knowledge with the expertise of MSPs can build a symbiotic relationship that benefits your business. Before you search for an MSP, you need to work out your technology goals and have a clear understanding of the overall direction of your business.

Need Help?

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