How MSPs Can Develop Better Client Relationships

How MSPs can develop better client relationships

Developing and maintaining client relationships is part and parcel of running a successful business. This is especially true for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) that need to take care and maintain their clients’ IT infrastructures. MSPs need to get their clients to trust them, and properly cultivating client relationships is a key component to establishing trust. Here are some of the ways that MSPs can succeed in building long-term, profitable customer relationships.

Set Realistic Goals During the Client Onboarding Phase

When a customer signs up for a managed IT plan, a MSP must ensure the setting of proper expectations throughout the onboarding phase. The provider must help the client set expectations around the cadences of communication, how they are going to get started with new products, how to enjoy easy access for company and product information, and which account managers to keep in contact with. By setting these expectations from the get-go, it will show their clients that the MSP is serious about their business. This will translate into forming a good first impression for the client.

Another thing that the MSP must do is to inform their clients of the occurrence of tech problems, as well as assure them that they will do everything in their power to resolve them in a timely and effective manner. The sooner one can work out the ideal way to mitigate issues that may arise, the smoother the experience will become for customers. What’s more, your customers will definitely appreciate the transparency shown by the MSP.

Establish One or More Open Communication Channels

The next step is to keep lines of communication open between the customer and the managed service provider. This type of consistent and open contact will help erect an unbreakable foundation for clients who need MSPs for IT solutions. Communication channels include emails, a company blog, or social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook. Next, remember that consistency is key to helping you gain new clients and retain others that are already loyal to your services.

Do not forget to add personal touches as it helps showcase your company’s sincerity in ensuring best communication. With that said, some MSPs have also chosen to enhance their client relationships by addressing their clients individually by their names, rewarding loyal clients with special offers and discounts, and more. Simple ideas such as these will surely go a long way for retaining and gaining businesses!

Continue to Deliver Value to Existing Clients Consistently

Some MSPs, after the onboarding phase, may be inclined to shift their focus towards new client acquisition. Well, even if the client has started using your services, it is still too early to switch focus. It is recommended that you aim to maintain a steady business relationship with your current clients as a priority.

For example, you may want to keep track of their ongoing experience. From time to time, do not hesitate to conduct a temperature check to see how your current clients are feeling about your services. Determine if there are any pain points that need to be solved. A client satisfaction survey is a good option when it comes to checking in on your customer base. Make sure that you include spaces where clients can pen down the ways they think your managed IT services can be further improved upon. Don’t overdo it though. A quarterly survey or one that’s conducted once or twice annually will suffice.