How To Optimize Your Data Center Performance

data center performance

Today, energy conservation has never been so important. Energy costs continue to rise and many modern data centers are focusing on energy saving solutions. These solutions are required to help maintain and improve data center performance. You see, cooling is vital to keeping servers and other network equipment at appropriate temperatures, prolonging the service lifespan of the hardware. However, it is also important that one keeps overall costs low due to increased data center power consumption.

There are many ways to streamline one’s air circulation plans and significantly cut the cost of cooling, and all it needs is a few simple adjustments. If you are wondering how you can keep your servers and racks in your data center operating at optimal efficiency, you have come to the right place. Let’s find out some data center performance optimization strategies:

Make Sure You Have the Best Cable Management Equipment

Don’t know what you need? For starters, you can look at simple solutions such as cable management trays and finger trays. These trays are designed to optimize cooling capacity by facilitating the separation of cool air from hot exhaust air.

Next, you will want to employ proper cable management practices. Trapped heat often causes overheating and uneven cooling of servers. That’s why your cables should be organized at all times. You can tie the cables within your network system together in small, neat bundles. You should refrain from blocking the intake or exhaust vents of your equipment.

Make Good Use ofBlanking Panels

A golden rule to remember is to avoid leaving any gaps in a rack. You should fill these gaps with blanking panels to cover the unused rack space. In most cases, rubber or plastic fillers will suffice. Blanking panels are important tools because they can minimize the internal hot air recirculation and improve airflow within the rack. All in all, you will need to allow for effective cooling as it increases the pressure difference of the cold and hot aisles of the rack.

Bonus tip: Sometimes it is good to have fewer servers. Simply opt for more powerful servers that can dramatically improve efficiency. Why own 10 servers when you can just invest in one good one?

Leverage on the Benefits of 208 Volt Power

You can make your equipment run more efficiently by making the change from 120V to 208V. This is a positive change because less current is required to maintain the same amount of power when the voltage increases. If you use less current, you are also reducing the amount of heat that your equipment generates. You get to enjoy additional savings on cooling costs!

Avoid Leaving Air Gaps Between Devices in the Same Cabinet

This is one of the easiest ways to optimize one’s data center performance, and all you need to do is to keep all of your servers and equipment bunched (neatly) together. This promotes better airflow and can prevent heat from radiating at the wrong places. Remember, uneven cooling often leads to higher operational costs.