Why You Should Outsource Your Data Center Management

data center management

For some business owners, data center management may be one of the last things on their minds. If your data center needs to be connected to hundreds of nationwide stores, and your employees need to access ERP and CRM applications, it is pertinent that you manage your data centers well. Let’s find out about the benefits to outsourcing your data center management in this post.

What is Data Center Management?

Data centers are often used to store and distribute significant amounts of data to its users. When it comes to managing one’s data center, it usually involves assigning a number of employees to manage small to large hardware systems and data sets. These elements can also be part of a large distributed network. With that in mind, proper data center management is crucial to keeping data secure from potential security breaches. Now, this sounds like a lot of work to undertake but there’s nothing to worry about. If you choose to automate the process (more on that later), you will be able to save on hiring as well as energy costs! Yes, modern data centers can be situated in a remote location and do not need your own employees to be onsite.

Here’s a quick look at some of the common functions of data center management:

  • Data management, storage, and distribution
  • Updating software, hardware, and operating systems
  • Implementing backup regimes
  • Facilitate emergency planning

Issues with In-House Data Center Management

Some major problems include maintenance lags, data center blackouts, and more. Possible causes of these problems include:

  • A worker accidentally activates the emergency power-off switches in your in-house data center
  • The UPS energy capacity of your data center was overloaded
  • Battery power from your center’s uninterruptible power supply failed

Many business owners acknowledge that IT is an essential for their small, mid-sized or large company. However, there are some people who perceive it as a bothersome expense and allocate insufficient resourced to maintain their data center. Data centers are much like a car, which needs to have its oil changed periodically. In this digital age, it is vital that your data center is taken care of by professionals who know how to get the most use out of your servers.

Understanding the Consequences of Poor Data Center Management

Let’s say you are an established apparel retailer and your data center has been inadequately managed. You then experience an outage that brings a number of repercussions. For example, your eCommerce site is unable to facilitate transactions during downtime; your databases are now vulnerable because the security frameworks are not inoperable; your employees are unable to connect to sales-critical software; and important order information can’t be forwarded to logistics departments in time. Now that’s pretty risky, isn’t it?

Outsourcing May be the Perfect Solution for You

Research has shown that data center colocation has helped many companies achieve greater levels of operational and financial efficiency over the years. By outsourcing your IT infrastructure management responsibilities, you get to enjoy an array of benefits, including:

  • The assurance of physical and virtual security
  • Business continuity
  • Mitigate the negative consequences of natural disasters
  • IT resources such as property and labor are exercised to their fullest potential
  • Colocation providers update their energy management tactics regularly
  • Sound cross-connect strategy in place to reduce latency problems
  • Outsourced facility is run by experienced professionals
  • Outsourced data center is supported by Service Level Agreement that focuses on network connectivity, cooling, and power