Why Performing Online Backups Is A Good Idea

online backups

The effectiveness and safety of online backup solutions have been questioned since their inception. While the initial sense of apprehensiveness of this backup option is understandable, you should keep in mind that uploading data to an online server does not mean they will automatically become visible to the public.

With today’s online data backup services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is constantly protected by multi-layered security, i.e. saved data encryption, secure data transfer, server duplication, and high levels of physical security of servers. If you have only been performing physical backups, it is about time you learn why you should do it online as well.

Add an Extra Layer of Security

When you only save your files and folders locally, the risk of losing them gets pretty high. Accidental overwriting and deleting, natural disasters, fire accidents, theft, computer viruses, hard disk failure, etc. can happen when you least expect them. If no other forms of backups are in place, you will lose your valuable data forever. Hence, back them up in a secure, remote location. This way, you do not lose them permanently due to an unexpected event.

Encrypt Data on Backup Server

Modern and reputable online data backup service providers continually strive to keep your valuable data safe through server-side encryption. This means that your data gets encrypted and compressed from server-side. In addition, this type of encryption is virtually unbreakable. No chance for any rogue employee, hacker, or client to access your stored data. Since compression also helps most backup providers optimize their expenses and save on disk space, they can offer their services at reasonable prices. What’s more, more online backup service providers are offering 256-bit encryption. The higher level of encryption ensures that no hacker can interrupt the process of sending data to the backup server.

Create Extra Copies of Data

Leading online backup providers often operate more than one server center. Their centers can be located in various geographic areas. This means that your files will be copied to at least one other hard disk, in another server. If something bad happens to the main storage disk or server, your folders and files will still be safely preserved in another location. The data you need can be recovered when you need them the most!

Allow You to Enjoy the Benefits of Physical Security

Providers adhere to well-established procedures to ensure the physical security of their servers. This means that their facilities are well-guarded and access is meticulously tracked. Surveillance systems cover individual rooms, hallways, entrances, server equipment and more. You can be sure that all disk devices and server racks are locked at all times. That’s not all. There are automated fire suppressor and detection systems as well as modern climate control equipment. Server rooms have multiple electricity sources and it ensures uninterruptible power supply.

As you can see, online backup solutions are protected against many possible accidents one doesn’t usually think about or may overlook. If you do not have the time to perform your own online backups, you can always opt for managed backup services to maintain your IT environment. You will then be able to release both hands off the wheel for this task and focus on your core business priorities.