Private Server Hosting Services Vs. Shared Hosting Services

Private Server Hosting Services

Servers, in a nutshell, are computers that serve information to other computers (clients). There are two main types of servers; shared and private. When it comes to shared hosting, many sites share the same server. This option is usually cheaper but has limitations pertaining to performance, administration, and bandwidth capabilities. Private servers, on the other hand, are considered the premium option. They offer more performance and more room for customization. When one selects a cloud hosting service, he or she must consider various factors, such as scalability expectations, server administration preferences, cost constraints, security requirements, performance demands, and resource needs. In this post, we will be comparing private server hosting services and shared hosting services against each other. This way, you will know which option is a better fit for your hosting needs.

Scalability Matters

Oftentimes, one’s site will do well with shared hosting services if it receives about 30,000 visitors per month. If the number of visitors exceed that amount, one may start encountering internal errors from the host. In this case, private server hosts will be a better option. In many cases, shared hosting can only serve as a short-term solution as they are not scalable, especially if the site needs to grow. You will need the customizable features of private server hosting solutions to scale quickly and easily to meet growing demands.

Server Administration Matters

Shared hosting services are suited for site owners who only need basic server administration capabilities. In this case, little to no technical maintenance of one’s servers is required. If you need to deal with intensive resource management, go for private server hosting solutions. You will have a site that is customizable and allows you to configure various software and applications to increase security and/or overall site performance.

Security Matters

Shared hosting solutions offer basic security. As they do not offer 100 percent security assurance, one should prepare for hacking-related breaches. In addition, you may experience downtime if one of the shared hosting customers experiences a technical difficulty. After all, you are sharing space on the same machine as others. If you require more robust safety features (because you handle and protect personal data), private server hosts should be considered instead. They are also better in the sense that high-quality customer support services are available when your business needs it.

Performance Matters

Shared hosting services can offer a pleasant experience if you use SSDs, a CDN, and installed caching software. As mentioned, other websites can affect your site’s performance. This is a major risk that comes with wanting a more economical hosting plan. If you are looking for a hosting service that offers better overall performance, private server hosts never disappoint. You will get a dedicated system administrator who keeps the server running smoothly and have the ability to configure applications to handle high traffic demands.

Server Matters

Shared hosts have limited disk space, memory/RAM, and CPUs. In other words, your site can only use a certain amount of resources and it is not suitable for sites that need a lot of processing power and space. If you fall in the latter category, you might want to consider private server hosting solutions as they have higher overall resource availability and larger disk space. This option is great if you are predicting business growth in the near future or want to offer clients a better user experience.

Can’t decide if you need private server hosting or shared hosting solutions? If you have outgrown your current shared hosting plan; require specialized security settings; need more flexibility; have to manage multiple domains; or your business is expanding rapidly, private server hosting solutions can help you reach that next level. At ANEXIO, we are a trusted IT solutions provider that can meet all of your hosting needs!