How To Simplify Network Management For Your Business

network management

The idea of simplifying network management is to ensure that devices are operating correctly and adhering to their respective policies. Misconfigurations can lead to security vulnerability or outage. Network management systems are designed to allow organizations to see how routers, firewall rules and other devices can impact a network to avoid future issues.

Organizations, who have a mix of vendors and breed route, still find it challenging to simplify their network management. These are some of the things that an organization can look out for when they want to improve their network management and increase overall efficiency. By following these steps, an organization can simplify their network management, improve security, speed up troubleshooting, and increase visibility.


An organization can save tremendous amount of time by eliminating one-off sites or configuration situations. Organizations often overlook the time saving part in consulting and contractor costs. It becomes easier for an organization’s internal team to quickly identify IDF, location and device. An organization should have systems in place to deal with redundancy, switch port usage, low voltage cabling, naming conventions, VLAN numbering and IP address schemes.

Configuration Management

It is one thing for an organization to create a plan for standardization, but it is another thing to ensure it gets executed. There are a number of tools that allow script-based configuration or template-based configuration. It is vital for an organization taking time to standardize their network to ensure that it gets followed through on the configuration side.

Auditing and Compatibility

Being proactive about network management is very important and to be able to do that effectively, some sort of accountability needs to be in place. An organization should hold change control meetings to ensure that changes are well thought out and put safeguards in place to make sure the changes are being handled by the right people. Design standards need to be tracked back to a specific person with no shared admin to ensure that the work put in at this point is actually maintained. Any new staff should be indoctrinated and trained in the system to ensure the process gets followed.

Single Source of Truth

An administrator should have a single location that they can manage information about specific devices or set of users. Every other thing on the network should refer to that source for its specific information. Maintaining a mix or LDAP and RADIUS users, and multiple domains make it difficult to authenticate, and this may make your organization less secure. An administrator should not take up more than they can handle as multiple sources can be burdensome. Instead, they should invest in doing one exclusively and right.

Determining how to manage a network is essential to scaling and meeting the challenges that organizations face to help them lead their industries. At ANEXIO, we have a team of network professional to help organizations design, manage and implement their network infrastructure. Our multiple transport options and peering points allow organizations to buy exactly what they need at competitive prices, with the ability to scale down or up as their business dictates. Find out more about how to simplify network management by contacting our IT Specialists today!