Why Slow Servers Can Be Worst Than Server Downtime

slow servers

Server outages can range from mild to severe. The former may involve a file server going down for a few minutes while the latter may be an email server going offline for days, causing massive, widespread work stoppages. Outages can prevent employees from effectively communicating with each other, cause work to grind to a halt, and more. One hour of downtime multiplied by the hourly pay rates of your employees can stack up to a significant amount of lost moolah. However, there is another issue that can cause the same sort of loss of profits and/or productivity: the speed of your company’s IT services, including company databases, file servers, email systems, and more.

How Slow Servers Affect Employees’ Productivity Levels

Let’s begin by imagining this hypothetical scenario:

  • You have recently adopted a new web-based email system
  • It takes approximately 10 seconds to load that system
  • You have about 1,000 employees across your organization
  • Next, each employee or colleague loads that web email system four times per day (this is a gross underestimation)
  • This means that each day, and over the course of eight hours, there is approximately 500 minutes of potential lost productivity – this is sufficient time to account for an entire person holding a full time position!

Per year, you risk losing up to 2,000 hours of precious productivity time due to your slow-loading web-based email solution. That is more or less the equivalent of total email outages – affecting every employee across your organization – for two consecutive hours during busy working hours, on an annual basis.

Yes, it all adds up. Really fast!

It is Time to Take Your Servers into the Future

Sometimes it is not just about accessing emails that cause loss of productivity issues. What about accessing customer or product data? What if your customer service team can’t retrieve the answers to your customers’ questions in time? In any case, it is recommended that you start looking out for future-ready data center solutions that can leverage your current technology whilst incorporating innovations tailored to your needs, in a seamless manner.

At ANEXIO, our end-to-end data center solutions can help:

  • Enable you to gain the scalability and agility needed to support your organization’s long-term strategy
  • Solve your business challenges by simplifying your IT
  • Increase performance and reducing operation costs
  • Accelerate IT service delivery
  • Unify management and eliminate redundancy
  • Create a flexible IT infrastructure that can respond dynamically to change

Whether you are looking to move your data servers into a colocation center or require networking support for your business, ANEXIO has got you well covered. You can rest assured that our state-of-the-art colocation centers are strategically placed and highly secure and our extremely fast networking solutions ensure that your data travels on the least congested and fastest route possible.