Sound Data Center Management Must Involve Edge Computing Environments

data center management edge computing environments

Today, edge computing has grown into a major trend. This is gradually changing how enterprises manage their data centers. If you are looking to migrate your data center management expertise to newer and more remote environments, it is imperative that you grasp the concept of edge computing without delay.

Understanding the Potential of Enterprise Data Centers

Choosing solutions that provide a strong foundation for growth is important. This is something that enterprise data centers can deliver. They enable a wide range of businesses to respond to market demands quickly and more efficiently. However, this form of agility heavily depends on the manageability and reliability of the data center. The complexity of one’s data center operations can increase over time. This makes the task of maintaining uptime at a low cost a bigger challenge.

Edge Computing: Paving the Way for a Higher Level of Resiliency

When it comes to data management, you need to have a high level of resiliency. You should export your current data center best practices to the emerging edge computing environments. In these edge environments, manageability and reliability are by no means assured. Why? Most workers that are located in these environments may lack the required IT or data center experience.

You should keep in mind that edge IT environments have a major impact on corporate profitability. Let’s say that you manage a retail outlet. Imagine what will happen if your promo displays and cash registers go down in the midst of a holiday shopping rush. That’s why adopting a new way of thinking is of utmost importance. You need to ensure that your edge sites are well-managed and maintain business agility.

Addressing Administrative Challenges

Data storage solutions and compute power are now found near a wide range of sites, e.g. a factory floor, an off-shore oil rig, a hospital bed, etc. Next, latency is often not tolerated in secure environments where real-time decisions need to be made. Today, potentially thousands of edge sites exist within just one global enterprise. These sites typically require solutions that can help maintain data integrity and application uptime.

Unlike data center business models that are more centralized, on-site administrators may not be always available to support edge environments. So, your challenge is to deploy tools that are capable of performing predictive maintenance and remote management.

Welcome to the New Age: Edge Data Center Management

Fortunately, an array of new technology innovations is making it easier to acquire the expertise that’s necessary for supporting edge environment. Have you heard of micro data centers? These solutions comprise prepackaged blocks of cooling, compute power, storage, and processing. They are pre-tested, pre-assembled, pre-configured, and fully-integrated. Thanks to their plug-and-play concept, they can be set up in no time. Today, you also have access to tools that allow you to gain wider control over these distributed data centers.

Jumping back to predictive maintenance, it means that you know in advance how a particular component within your data center is likely to fail. This way, you can avoid unplanned downtime. This type of component and system monitoring is beneficial for large retail outlets. As they can replace parts during off-hours before the actual failure, they can thwart the possibility of a missed sale.