Strategies For Enhancing The Physical Security Of Data Centers

physical security of data centers

Today, data continues to stay vulnerable to new-age hacking and old-school robbery. There is always some form of infrastructure protection required, especially for data centers, or else the security may be compromised. Here are a few measures to tighten the physical security of data centers.

Use A Remote Location

Data centers should be located at a private location, so that access is limited to only few personnel. Just like the sensitive data, the data center location is not to be shared with general public. This makes it hard for the hackers and criminals to gain easy physical access into the premises.

Explosion Resistant Boundaries

Before planning the infrastructure layout, make sure you are leaving out enough space for a sturdy concrete wall boundary guarding the center. The walls should be strong enough to stand against explosions. This is important to prevent any large-scale attack on the building.

Limited Access Points

There is a higher risk of robbery with numerous access points. Ideally, there should be only one single loading dock and a single entry point at any data center. It helps in better and tighter security management, with limited access to enter. The emergency doors are to be only used for fire exits, and there should be ample alarms placed within the center.

Grant Access Cards

Access key cards maintain an auditable record, by tracking the employees or visitors swiping the card. In order to create priority levels, you can also have automated door controls, which gives you more control and granularity over anyone working in the facility.

Think About The Tailgaters

People who have authorized access may also turn out to be the partners in crime, by letting some unauthorized people tailgate them into restricted areas. It’s important to have mantraps or an entry point designed using anti-pass philosophy, so that anyone passing through without authorization is trapped.

Do Away With Windows

There is absolutely no need to have windows in a data center. It’s like a leakage in the pipe. Even if you plan to install a few, make sure they are well guarded with thick shatter-resistant glasses and one-side view.

Cameras Are Essential

CCTV monitoring is a priority in any security center, and there should be an active bunch of security personnel working behind it 24/7. Make sure to use high-quality cameras, with an ability to store and backup footage in real-time. In case any equipment is damaged by the intruder, you will still be able to get the necessary information.

Routine Testing And Auditing

Regular testing and auditing schedules should be followed to ensure every component is working at ideal capacity, especially when you are dealing with high-end data center solutions. There’s a chance of tampering in almost every area. Any sort of behavioral anomalies can be noticed by the use of modern facility management software tools. The security team working behind the setup should be active and stay alert all the time. Hence, it is recommended to have a team of permanent staff members, rather than contract-based individuals to man the security of the data center.