Tips For Successful Client Onboarding

successful client onboarding

When your agency manages to land a new client, it is certainly a joyous experience. No matter how long you have been in business, the feeling never gets old. Client onboarding is known as the process of familiarizing a new client with the products and services that your business provides. Effective onboarding shares all the benefits and uses of your business offerings with your client.

If you can make it easy for your clients to understand and properly utilize your services and products to their fullest potential, you are helping clients to secure more value out of their purchases. Whether you work in the healthcare industry or advertising industry, sound client onboarding practices can increase the likelihood of customer retention and satisfaction. If you want to make sure your client relationship kicks off on the right foot, here are some tips you might want to follow:

Develop and Employ Strong Policies

Overlooking critical errors at any stage of the onboarding process can spell trouble. In fact, letting errors pass during onboarding is simply unacceptable. Take the time to determine which policies should be applied, and then automatically apply the right ones. This way, you never have to deal with awkward phone calls from new clients. E.g. asking why their email is not working. The reason? Because someone forgot to apply a monitor template.

Have the Right Software in Place

You will need to install and constantly update common applications such as Java and Adobe. These tasks can be automated and it only requires some simple logics. You can make use of an automated script engine to effortlessly search for outdated and/or missing software, and then update or install accordingly. You no longer need to comb through piles after piles of reports or visit each desktop to check what is there and what is not.

Secure and Optimize Endpoints

You should work closely with a reputable managed IT service provider to scan for and rectify any security vulnerabilities affecting your software.  As part of a sound security rollout, it is recommended that you deploy a second opinion ‘scanner’. Your IT partner will determine the best desktop optimization software to deploy for your agency. You will be able to have your systems running smoothly without ever having to touch a single desktop again! How convenient is that?

Use Automation to Save Time

Do you want to shave off a bulk of the manual engineering tasks that a majority of businesses need to handle daily? Consider using an IT automation platform. You will be able to proactively monitor, patch, and remediate your clients’ devices and networks with exceptional ease.

Always Plan Ahead

Many business owners fail to develop a template project plan. Today, using a template project plan is still key to transforming your client onboarding process from utter chaos to an automated and seamless process. You should cultivate the habit of outlining every step that has to take place, from the date the contract is finalized to the time the service goes live. Consider creating a beautifully branded PDF to solve problems and manage expectations before they start. Make sure that the documents are customized with your client’s name, as well as outlined routines, expectations, deadlines, and procedures.