Which Type Of Cloud Do You Really Need?

type of cloud

Trusting your invaluable data to a third party source wasn’t really an option, until things changed for the better with the cloud-based backup facility. However, it is still a challenge to choose the right type of cloud services, when there are so many of them flooding the market. Here’s a guide to help you out!

Virtual Private Servers

This is one of the most common solutions you will find in the market. You can run the service like a dedicated server by taking advantage of the root access. However, note that virtual private servers are under the administration of the provider. Nevertheless, it is a big step in transitioning to the cloud-based environment, especially if you own a small business. The server is equally suitable for hosting a standard website or developing applications.

Public Cloud

Operating through an extensive system of physical servers, the public cloud is the foundation of an infrastructure in which a number of virtual servers can undergo deployment in quick time. This is suitable for high-performance calculation, streaming, large-scale data processing and e-commerce sites. Faster deployment implies that it can ensure high availability and high traffic for the website. You also have an option to migrate your configuration and infrastructure to public cloud, whenever you choose to do it.

The public cloud is also an outstanding way to store and protect your data, besides data processing. Depending on your needs, there are two main types of storage. Object storage is what you may be looking for, in case you require unrestricted data storage and data access at any time. This is true for an e-commerce site. On the other hand, cloud archival is ideal for long-term archiving, with no immediate access to the data. It is cheaper than object storage and is used for regular archiving needs.

Private Cloud

If you want to administer your own data center remotely, the private cloud is an ideal fit. It is especially recommended for businesses that require placing sensitive data in the cloud. In such a setup, every individual client is the solitary user of a scalable system, and this guarantees a strong security policy.

You can develop and manage your own infrastructure, as per your requirements when it comes to software packages, Software as a Service, applications and hosting websites. If you want the best price to performance ratio, go for a dedicated cloud. If you want to build and manage your own cloud or integrate a network management solution, you can choose a software defined data center.

Which Type Of Cloud Should You Go For?

Each infrastructure is unique based on traffic fluctuation, data sensitivity, performance and storage.  It can be especially challenging to choose between private and public cloud services. However, there’s always an option to match these two technologies to work in an integrated way, so it can always be optimized the way you want it. For example, you can deploy virtual servers on the public cloud and place your core business in the private one. Such a combined package guarantees the advantage of multiple products and perimeters. One can also save costs on balancing the application of both open and dedicated cloud services.