Why Should You Use AWS Direct Connect?

AWS Direct Connect

Sometimes, network operators will adjust the policies for their routing so that they can determine the best way to receive or send traffic through autonomous systems which are adjacent. This is an industry term called traffic engineering and it is used under a variety of circumstances, such as when bandwidth costs need to be lowered or to enhance performance by utilizing specific transit providers. Below are some reasons why you should use the AWS Direct Connect (AWS).

What Is AWS Direct Connect?

AWS gets rid of the hops between the networks. The links that exist between the networks function in a specific manner, which means they will scale the capacity dependent on the utilization which is observed. As the traffic grows, links will be added to the individual networks. However, if a sudden change occurs in utilization, the paths will encounter congestion, since they must manage higher levels of traffic than before. This makes traffic engineering complex and necessitated the need for a solution.

There are many networks all over the planet, and each tries to provide traffic and do traffic engineering on their own. Some of these networks are not compatible with others, and to pair them, a transit provider will be needed. Even when a transit path is achieved, it may still be congested at certain times of the day. Direct Connect allows consumers to attach their networks to AWS directly. This allows for the bypassing of network providers through a direct connection physically and eliminates any capacity or internet routing problems.

Why Direct Connect Is More Reliable

Network connections which are private offer an experience which is more reliable and safe, particularly when compared to connections which are internet based. Many organizations will not use public internet services to transfer data due to compliance issues, and Direct Connect is the perfect way to get around it. It can be used with a variety of services, particularly those which are offered through Amazon.

AWS Direct Connect is not only reliable, but it is also flexible, which is a necessity in today’s rapidly changing market. It can address the specific needs of individual businesses, but can be time consuming to setup. The reason for this is because deploying Direct Connect involves monitoring, procuring, configuring and deploying, processes that require considerable resources.

Setting Up AWS Direct Connect

Many clients choose to collaborate with Amazon partner consultants when it comes to establishing the hybrid environment or setting up network circuits for Direct Connect and data centers. Working with a qualified partner will give you access to ports which are pre-provisioned while covering every region of the U.S. and European Union.

The fees for data which is transferred over a connection which is dedicated is offered at a competitive rate, especially when compared to the costs for standard online data transfer. As such, AWS Direct Connect can potentially lower your costs significantly.