Want Better Data Center Efficiency? Pay Attention To Power Quality Then!

data center efficiency look at power quality

You will find that quite a lot of energy is utilized in data centers as they are designed for satisfying requirements for performance, capacity, and reliability. Unfortunately, this is often at the expense of efficiency and this rolls into operational expenses which in turn causes capital costs to increase. When this occurs, there is a good chance your business will end up outgrowing its data center, so maximum data center efficiency should be on your radar as you move forward as a business.

Don’t forget too that any interruption to your daily business operations can cost you financially, so that is why almost all data centers are designed to reduce risks of losing power with intricate systems in place. Power quality issues are difficult to analyze and solve, and can cost businesses lots of money. In fact, a research group study estimated that power outages were related to costs of $13.5 billion per year, with 50 percent due to power quality issues. That is why power quality should always be a key consideration for your operations.

Power Quality Issues

There are a variety of power quality issues such as:

  • Transformer inrush or lightning strike
  • Voltage unbalance – single-phase loads in three-phase circuit distribution
  • Voltage fluctuations – data centers are at risk where voltage flux occurs
  • Power frequency variations – usually, the source supplying the system is the culprit
  • Waveform distortion – such as harmonics and noise
  • Short-duration variations – voltage dips, surges and short interruptions
  • Long-duration variations – over-voltage and undervoltage situations

How To Address These Power Issues

Over the last 30 years, we have gained a greater understanding of power quality problems and today’s technicians are able to analyze and overcome issues easier with the knock-on effect being increased data center efficiency.

With the development of cutting edge technology, electrical engineers can employ power-monitoring tools to ensure power quality problems can be addressed immediately, so there is no interruption to your business, both productively and financially.

Power-monitoring software allows you to have a complete overview of your electrical infrastructure while the monitoring of weekly or daily power usage information will help alleviate any potential issues that can be foreseen. Using such software programs can help a business to understand any power anomalies and how the equipment is performing, so early diagnosis can be carried out to ensure your business runs continuously and efficiently.

Another way of mitigating power quality issues is to have an on-site audit by an expert. As power quality is an area of expertise, sometimes it’s hard to free up time for your staff to undertake investigations into the causes with an education program needing to be implemented to empower them with this knowledge. That’s why outsourcing on-site audits can be a viable solution.

It is evident that businesses need to address any power quality issues they may have as the outcomes may involve improving your equipment’s lifespan as well as the quality of its service. Remember that there are cost-effective solutions to many data center power quality issues, and it will ensure that your business runs smoothly and profitably into the future. Of course, the first step to take is to have a proactive mindset!