What Managed IT Service Providers Shouldn’t Be Doing

managed IT service providers

Managed IT services are a rapidly growing segment in the IT industry. Hiring an MSP means the business can focus on its core competencies without needing to deal with complex backend IT processes. With a great array of offerings like proactive monitoring/mediation, managed security, systems management, and etc., the IT burdens of one’s organization are lifted almost instantly. However, certain pitfalls may affect the MSP-client relationship. As a successful MSP, ANEXIO makes sure that we never associate ourselves with bad industry practices, and we make it a priority to avoid key mistakes that can affect the MSP-client relationship with our esteemed customers. Let’s find out more about the common mistakes MSPs can make and how to avoid them:

Mistake A: Only Selling the Product & Not Selling the Service

As a managed services provider, you must understand that you are not only selling a product. You should never forget about fulfilling the “service” vector. Focusing on just product performance and technology is fine when it comes to promoting products but MSPs cannot simply bank on the products’ efficiency and let technology do its own thing.

They need to actively sell the reliability, knowledge, and expertise of their staff. This way, their clients know that their business is in the right hands. It is recommended that you ask for regular feedback and implement any needed changes promptly to strengthen relationships with your clients as well.

Mistake B: Lack of Ground Rules

MSPs cannot afford to be too flexible. Yes, they need to cater to the varying needs of clients, but they need to implement standardized solutions to ensure smooth service delivery. So, be flexible wherever you can, but never at the cost of efficiency. It is a sound practice to establish ground rules and note down proven techniques your staff can use as a reference to bring about desired results effortlessly.

Mistake C: Fail to Deliver on Promises

In a bid to attract new clients, one can make the mistake of selling an expertise they lack or over-promise. If you do not follow through on what you have promised, you can easily sour your relationships with clients. In the end, you risk losing business or even land yourself in the middle of a costly lawsuit.

The point here is to sell technologies and solutions that you can provide. If a client asks about your capability to provide a certain service or work with a particular technology, just be frank about what you can offer and how it will benefit their business.

Mistake D: Being Ambiguous About Outcomes and Expectations

When a client seems to understand certain technicalities of an IT solution, the MSP may assume they also have an understanding of the outcome of a particular service or action. On the contrary, that client may not have any idea of either the risks or benefits associated with the MSP’s processes and tools.

In the event of a failure or mishap, you cannot expect your client to remain calm because a certain outcome was expected. It pays to be safe when it comes to managing the expectations of your clients and being specific with the outcomes. So, make sure you communicate any associated costs, risk factors, as well as pros and cons clearly beforehand.

Mistake E: Not Explaining in Layman Terms

Some managed services providers may make the mistake of assuming that their clients are familiar with technical jargon. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A client is not always aware of the intricacies associated with Information Technology. They might not be able to communicate their problems or state their needs with the level of clarity an MSP would expect. Hence, ensure you address this knowledge gap right from the get-go. Always remember to speak to your client in layman terms so that communication is done right from the beginning.

Now that you know the common mistakes that some of the Managed IT Service Providers make, your organization will find it easier to hire reliable MSPs that avoid such bad industry practices. If you are looking for a reputable and reliable MSP, why not check out what ANEXIO can do for you today? We KNOW what we should do to help you get the best ROI from managed IT services!