Why Are Managed Network Services Your IT Department’s Biggest Ally?

managed network teams

Let’s start by understanding the value of hiring managed network services. Imagine network interruptions or downtime as fires. Next, imagine that your IT department is like a team of firefighters. When it comes to fighting fires (akin to troubleshooting network issues), they can’t put out the fire with just individual buckets of water. They need to have access to more advanced equipment to make the firefighting process less time-consuming and more efficient. More importantly, what if your IT team had the tools that could prevent the “fire” from starting in the first place?

Today, there is software that can proactively monitor the health of your organization’s network around the clock. In addition, they can keep your networks up-to-date by automatically updating them. Your organization or IT team can even get comprehensive analytics pertaining to your network’s performance over time.

The Power of Managed Network Services

You can simplify the above-mentioned tasks by using managed network services. These services offer stellar support solutions for your IT teams, i.e. providing ongoing support once a network has been designed and successfully deployed.

Today’s enterprise networks are ever-changing, which makes them complex. The physical environment, cloud-based applications, and devices (both type and number) are dynamic factors that affect network performance. Mobile devices and their users require more bandwidth than ever. These individuals expect to get a robust and uninterrupted signal. That’s not all. Security is another major factor that needs to be taken into consideration.

With that in mind, managed network teams can come alongside your IT team. They can keep tabs on your network and ensure that it is performing according to stipulated standards, e.g. providing end users with a reliable, secure, and fast connection at all times. Let’s find out more reasons on why managed network services can be your IT department’s biggest ally:

Network Performance Can Be Accurately Measured

Many enterprises have the habit of measuring network performance from the network’s perspective. In order to truly know how your network performs, you should check if it serves your end users and the devices they are using well. You can create a well-rounded picture of your network’s performance by combining end-user data with network testing. Your IT team can gain valuable information and know how to better react when problems arise.

As more cloud-based applications and devices come online, you might have noticed that there is a heavier load to carry. Additionally, increasing your staff size does not seem to offset that load. What you need is the correct software and strategy. Managed network services can equipment your IT personnel with everything they need to oversee the health of your networks.

Manage Your Networks Without Experiencing Downtime

A network can comprise several components. Each of them may require regular software upgrades. However, your organization just cannot afford several hours of network downtime on a monthly basis. Don’t worry. A managed IT team can manage these upgrades seamlessly. By maintaining over 90 percent of uptime, you can reduce the number of angry end-users that your IT team has to face.

Monitor Your Networks 24/7/365

In some cases, it does not take long for things to go haywire with networks. Hence, it is imperative that you have real-time visibility into your network’s performance. That’s why managed services can monitor your networks 24/7. With the aid of reports, health checks, RF heat maps, custom layouts, etc. we can ensure that every access point, controller, and switch is working properly.

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