Why You Should Consider Dedicated Private Cloud Computing

Dedicated Private Cloud Computing

When it comes to IT buzzwords, cloud computing easily comes to mind. The technology has undoubtedly brought incredible promise to the world of IT. Interest in this technology form has also led to widespread awareness and curiosity of public cloud services. These public services often divide and allocate pooled computing resources to different users. In the early stages, it brought tremendous benefits.

Today, these benefits are overshadowed by concerns pertaining to a lack of uptime and security assurances among enterprise IT professionals. That is why you should consider dedicated private cloud computing services. This version of cloud computing services aims to lessen or eliminate those concerns by dedicating exclusive software and hardware to each user.

Enjoy Greater Cost Savings

Private cloud services provide all of the benefits associated with security and virtualization. Additionally, it is more affordable and less complex than hosting your own servers. If you don’t have the budget to purchase dedicated servers, this is a stellar option for you. Does your company own more than two servers? It can definitely benefit from virtualization. If there are 10 servers in your company, combining private cloud computing, a dedicated storage area network (SAN), and multiple physical host servers will make a killer combo.

Increase Natural Disaster Protection

By connecting a SAN to a private cloud, you can achieve incredible redundancy. You can automatically shift server resources and load balance between servers on the fly. With an N+1 environment, you can even switch servers without causing downtime. For example, you can enjoy complete peace of mind while performing maintenance tasks such as upgrading RAM, upgrading software, replacing a hard drive, and more. This helps take your disaster recovery or protection plans up one level, i.e. performing SAN to SAN replication for a DR environment (hot site). It is possible to recovery in less than an hour if everything is configured properly.

Improved Resource Management

Virtualization can significantly increase the value of your physical server hardware. You can efficiently share resources by virtualizing multiple servers on one physical server. By doing so, you decrease power usage and rack space. Maintenance will be a breeze. That’s not all. You can also quickly create copies of your servers and get them running in no time.

Better Flexibility via Virtual Servers

Another alluring benefit that dedicated private cloud computing offers is the power of flexibility. It gives you the ability to get a server up and running or tear one down in a matter of minutes. You no longer need to waste effort in attempting to size a server beforehand. You can create one on the fly. For example, if you need more disk space/CPU/RAM, you can reallocate resources in moments via private cloud computing technology. There is no need to find a physical server that possesses the resources your new server needs.

Enhanced Security

Much like a collocated server or dedicated server, a private cloud’s level of security depends on a number of factors. If you have the proper firewall rules, anti-virus software, and physical security measures in place, your data will be protected against threats. In addition, you will have a clearer picture on where your servers are located.