Why You Should Embrace DRaaS


Disaster recovery as a Service is a backup model that relies on cloud storage and backup services to ensure continuity of a business in case it is affected by a disaster. With the world being exposed to issues such as climate change and terrorism, it is safe to say that any company can become the victim of a disaster. The unpredictable nature of the latter means that basically all companies should have a plan in place in case such a disaster strikes.

How It Works

In essence, Disaster Recovery as a Service is a service provided by a third party. This way, in case of any disasters, the loss of information or applications would have minimal ramifications for the company as it would have cloud-based backups. This way, the organization can be assured of continuity in case of such an event. Typically, DRaaS is usually used in conjunction with other related services such as a Disaster Recovery Plan and a Business Continuity Plan.

The fact that the data backed up using DRaaS is cloud based means that it is unlikely to be affected by the same disaster. It would be similar to having off-site, redundant backup servers in regions far away from the company’s location. The cost of DRaaS has been reducing over the recent past, such that even small companies can afford to use the service without increasing their overheads much.

What ANEXIO Can Offer

Different companies offering DRaaS will offer slightly differentiated features. It is important to ensure that you pick a data center service provider with features that will make you confident that you will be able to recover any data loss in case of a disaster. ANEXIO offers flexible, multiple layers of protection to guard against corruption, data loss or disaster. Some of these include:

  • Provision of self-service for your disaster recovery plan: Once you have chosen a disaster recovery plan from ANEXIO, it would be a good idea to test it from time to time to make sure that it’s robust. This should be done at least annually. ANEXIO can perform these tests but also offers customers the possibility of testing the service on demand.
  • Near-zero Recovery Time Objective: ANEXIO is committed to ensuring that once data is lost, the speed of recovering it is minimized as much as possible. In the case of data corruption, for instance, the company would minimize the time it takes to have the original data and applications back in place, so that the business has minimal downtime.
  • Multiple network configurations: ANEXIO can provide the same level of quality backup irrespective of the network architecture a company has. The company has the ability to link up using multiple network configurations to cover this.
  • Provision of certified consultants: It is important to develop a disaster recovery plan with the help of certified consultants particularly in case very sensitive data or large amounts of data are involved. ANEXIO provides the consultants, so all these services are offered under one roof.

Disasters leading to the loss of data for a company could result in a slow recovery process, or in the very worst case lead to total inability of the company to start operations again. Using DRaaS is the most effective way to guard against this. Talk to us today to find out more.